AniPic Memorial Block - Tachikoma 7 -

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Pack beloved memories into this transparent block.


Transmitted light realistically brings to life the seamless 3D expression of GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC_2045. This transparent block displayed beloved characters and scenes with subtly, yet provides enjoyment as mature interior décor exuding a strong presence. Made of acrylic, which is actually more than 10 times stronger than glass, the product is highly durable with a long life expectancy of around 10 to 20 years. Enjoy the otherworldly atmosphere and clear, sparkling beauty of this piece in addition to precious memories.

©Shirow Masamune, Production I.G/KODANSHA/GITS2045


Size: 150 mm wide × 100 mm high × 20 mm deep

Material: Acrylic


Shipping Date: Because products are made-to-order, orders that are received by the end of this month will be shipped by the end of the second month following this month.


Points to Note:

*Please understand that the color shown on your screen may differ from the product’s actual color.

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